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These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy constitute the agreement entered into with Infomycty sas (for NightLife business premises that agree to advertise, make reservations, provide information and other services and accept payments or deposits through the Friendly Locations and DifferentDating platforms, these provisions apply in addition to the General Terms of Sale and Use and the special conditions at the time of registration). Please read these binding provisions carefully. In case of disagreement with these Terms of Use, in whole or in part, do not use our platforms.




" Site": refers to all websites and mobile sites accessible from the Friendly Locations and DifferentDating platforms.

" User" means any person using the services offered by NightLife's clubs who is 18 years of age or older.

" Terms of Use": refers to these general conditions of use.

" NightLife": refers to the elements of the local/club page that have been uploaded to the Friendly Locations and DifferentDating Site with the permission of the business premises in question, such as admission fees, food/drink, business availability, menus, event calendar, videos, photos or other.

Acceptance and modification of the Terms of Use

The Site provides you and NightLife with a search, information and online reservation/payment service in return for your unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use.

You and NightLife acknowledge and agree that you have read these Terms of Use in full. Furthermore, by using any of the services offered by the Site, you unconditionally agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Infomycity sas reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, in whole or in part. It is your and NightLife's responsibility to regularly review the most current version of the published Terms of Use. The new version will be considered accepted after each new use of the Site.

By accessing or using the Site in any way, you and NightLife agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

1 Presentation of the platform

The Site is a platform that allows you and your NighjtLife premise to connect to, and use, the various features listed on the Site. Therefore, Infomycity sas acts exclusively as an intermediary in the booking, information and payment of such NightLife premises by the User.

2 Searching for a venue and booking in real time

The Site allows the User to search for a local see all the info and book in real time.

The Site also allows you to cancel your reservation in the event of unforeseen events any deposits or payments made will be handled directly by the premises of NightLife.

3 Bookings

The Site allows the User, provided that the reservation has been made through the Site, to benefit from preferential admission lists or any other offer managed directly from NightLife's premises. The User undertakes to check the conditions of validity of the offer before booking on the Site.

A condition of validity is that the User and his/her companions arrive at the NightLife venue booked at the scheduled time and with appropriate clothing. If a User and/or all of their companions do not show up in accordance with the NightLife policy, the venue may decide not to apply the booking (preferred admission list, gifts, table reservations or any other service). For the sake of clarity, this means that in this case the User and/or any of his/her companions will lose the right to benefit from the booked offer. And NightLife venues can decide whether or not to apply the offer to all or some of the guests.

4 Free use or payment of the Site

In general, the services offered on the Site are free for all users.

Fares apply only to NightLife venues.

NightLife Users and premises acknowledge that the Site refers to fee-based services. In particular, all bookings made on the Site refer to services offered by NightLife's premises for which it is necessary, if due, to make a payment.

All services or prices or any other services offered by NightLife venues are provided for information purposes only and for convenience. Under no circumstances does Infomycity guarantee the accuracy of such information. The accuracy of all information is the sole responsibility of NightLife's premises.

5 Links to third-party sites

The Site may contain links to sites operated by third parties. These links are for information only. Our Site does not control these sites and is not responsible for their content or their privacy policy or other practices on such sites. The display of links to such sites does not constitute approval of the elements on such sites or association with the publishers of such sites. It is your responsibility and that of NightLife to make such checks as they deem necessary or appropriate before using these sites or making a transaction with any of them.

6 Conditions of eligibility

Use of the Friendly Locations/DifferentDating Site is subject to the following eligibility requirements: You and/or NightLife must be at least 18 years of age, have the legal capacity to comply with legal obligations for yourself or others for whom you have a legal right to act.

7 Accessing the Site

Infomycity reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the Friendly Locations/DifferentDating Site, in whole or in part, or the services offered on the Site without notice, also reserves the right to suspend access to the Site to all or part of the Users and/or NightLife due to maintenance, emergency (cyber-attack etc..) or for other reasonable reasons, and at any time.

8 Conditions for opening a company profile on NightLife premises

By opening a profile, you explicitly and unreservedly accept these Terms of Use.

NightLife facilities are committed to providing true, accurate and current information, in particular regarding their title, surname, first name, email address and telephone number, necessary for their proper identification in relation to the opening of the company profile.

9 Confidentiality of access data

When creating a profile, Users choose a username and password ("Login Data") that allows them to log in.

The Access Data is personal and confidential. They can be modified only at the request of the interested party or on the initiative of Infomycity sas.

NightLife's facilities are solely responsible for the use of their profile and the Access Data relating to them and will do everything in their power to keep their Access Data secret and not disclose it to others in any form.

10 Closing the company profile

Users can close their account at any time. To do so, they must send an account closure request by email to: .

Once your account is closed, you will no longer be able to benefit from the services offered by Infomycity.

11 Duties.

12 Suspension or termination of Site services

In the event of non-compliance or total or partial non-compliance with any of the obligations or provisions of these Terms of Use, in the event of any of the prohibited actions or for other unreasonable reasons, Infomycity may modify, suspend, limit or remove access to some or all of the services of the Site, including the deactivation of the profile, without notice and without any right to claim compensation and without prejudice to any compensation that Infomycity may claim in court.

13 Using Content from NightLife Premises

Nightlife's users and venues agree that by posting Content on the Site, they automatically grant an irrevocable, permanent, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, display, adapt, modify, translate, distribute, distribute, have distributed or promoted, integrate into advertisements or other materials, create derivative works from, augment, disseminate or otherwise distribute such Content worldwide and to allow third parties to do the same in all media, online or otherwise. In addition, by posting Content on the Site you automatically grant Infomycity all rights necessary to prohibit the display, collection, copying or use of such Content by any third party for any purpose.

NightLife Users and premises agree not to provide, copy, resell, republish or, in general, make available in any form any content, data, information or items received from Infomycity and available on the Site, to other individuals or legal entities in any country.

All moral rights and intellectual property rights relating to the content and information on the Site belong to Infomycity sas.

The rights granted to NightLife's premises to use the Site and the services provided by Infomycity do not imply any license or right or authorization to use or exploit any part of the Site.

14 Protection of all elements: trademarks, designs, logos, hyperlinks, information, etc.

All elements (trademarks, designs, texts, hyperlinks, logos, images, videos, audio, software, screens, databases, codes, etc.) on the Site or associated sites are protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property. These elements remain the exclusive property of Infomycity sas.

15 Prohibition of unauthorised use

Therefore, without prior written permission from Infomycity you may not reproduce, represent, republish, redistribute, adapt, translate and/or modify, in whole or in part, or transfer to another medium, any information from the Site.

Non-compliance with the provisions of this article constitutes a violation punishable by civil and criminal law.

16 Limitations of Liability

It is your responsibility to make such checks as you deem necessary or appropriate before making a reservation or any other request for services at any of NightLife's premises listed on the Site.

Infomycity makes no warranties of any kind with respect to Content or Services advertised on NightLife's premises or the services and/or business practices of third parties listed on the Site. Consequently, we do not guarantee that Users will be satisfied with the products or services following a reservation made through the Site.

17 Use of the Site.

Due to the specific nature of the web, Infomycity does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site or continuity of service, the only obligation of Infomycity is to make a reasonable effort in this regard.

Infomycity shall not be liable for any failure to access the Site or for any damage or loss arising from the use or non-use of the Site or its contents, except as provided by law.

Infomycity does not guarantee that the information displayed is detailed, complete, verified or accurate. The Content and Services advertised on NightLife's premises, information, pages and, in general, all content on the Site are provided "as is" without express or implied warranties of any kind. .

Users generally accept and acknowledge that the request for a service or reservation in one of NightLife's premises is not guaranteed. Consequently, the effectiveness of the booking service cannot be guaranteed. Users acknowledge and accept that Infomycity is in no way responsible for reservations or services not provided or cancelled, if the exercise is closed (for any reason), or if third parties refuse to provide a service for any reason.

18 Guarantees and indemnities

NightLife users and venues ensure that they are fully familiar with the features and limitations of the Internet. In particular, they acknowledge that it is impossible to guarantee that the data sent by Users over the Internet is completely secure. Infomycity cannot be held responsible for any accidents resulting from such data transmission.

In any case, Users expressly acknowledge and agree to use the DifferentDating/Friendly Locations Site at their own risk and under their sole responsibility.

19 Removing illegal content

All Users and/or NightLife premises may notify you of a complaint or objection relating to illegal elements or content posted on the Site.

If a User believes that elements or content posted on the Site are illegal and/or in violation of copyright, they must inform Infomycity by registered letter with return receipt addressed to Infomycity sas c/o CB Service, 4 Rue Des Freres Piccò, 06500 Menton France or by email to, including all evidence available to support the ownership of rights, if any. Once this procedure has been carried out and the accuracy of the information has been verified, Infomycity will act promptly to remove the illegal content.

Infomycity acts as an intermediary in the provision of its services to Users. Consequently and in accordance with Article 6 I.3 of the French Law on Confidentiality in the Digital Economy (LCEN) of 21 June 2004 (as amended), and shall not be held criminally liable for the information stored on the Site if it is not really aware of the illegal activities or information or if, as soon as it becomes aware, it takes prompt action to remove such information or block access to it.

20 Subscriptions clear pact.

In accordance with article L 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, we inform you that you have a period of fourteen days from the purchase of a Subscription to exercise your right of withdrawal, without penalty and without giving any particular reason, by writing an email (, OR WRITING TO: Infomycity sasu, c/o CB Service, 4 Rue Des Freres Picco, 06500 Menton France.    Communications sent to this address will be processed only if related to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. In order for the withdrawal to be effectively exercised, the member must send their request within fourteen days of the duration of the withdrawal period.

The refund will be made within 14 days from the date on which the company was informed of the decision of the Member to withdraw, using the same method of payment used by the Member for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed with the Member.

The subscription to the services will be valid only for years one, the only form of subscription will be for years one, after which from fifteen days before the expiration you can renew; without renewal you can continue to use the basic subscription always free. We do NOT practice any tacit renewal.

21 Applicable law

To the extent permitted by law, these Terms of Use and the relationship between Infomycity, the Users and/or NightLife premises are governed by and construed in accordance with French law. To the extent permitted by law, where these Terms of Use have been drafted or translated into other languages, the French version of these Terms of Use shall prevail.

To the extent permitted by law, all claims, disputes or matters arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use will be dealt with by the court of Nice.

Under EU Directive 2013/11/EU of 21 May 2013 on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes, a link to the European online dispute resolution platform is available below:



Infomydysco and DifferentDating are services that allow users to choose, receive information and book services at NightLife venues. The website, mobile applications and associated applications are managed and operated by Infomycity sas as data controller and data processor. By accessing the site and using the company's services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy, as well as the practices relating to the collection and processing of the information described herein. This Privacy Policy is in compliance with the GDPR 2018 European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data, (Our previous CNIL 1698463 v 0 of 9-9-2013).

Scope of application

This Privacy Policy details the practices and policies applicable to the collection, processing and disclosure of your personal information by us. Infomycity is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal data provided by users through the use of the site or services.

1. Collection of personal data

2. Processing of personal data

3. Sharing of personal data

4. Storage time of personal data

5. Cookies and other web technologies

6. User rights

7. Protection of personal data

8. Information on minors

9. External links

10. International transfers

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

12. Contacts


Personal data means any information that directly or indirectly identifies a person, such as his or her first and last name, telephone number, postal and e-mail address, date of birth, password and payment details.

In the course of its business, the company collects and processes personal data in various ways. Data may be collected because it is provided directly by the user or through the recording of how the user interacts with the services, for example through the use of cookies on the site. The company may also receive information from third parties.

The information required is all mandatory. In the absence of the mandatory information, the user's request may not be processed or may be delayed.

Infomycity uses your personal data for specific purposes. These include offering services to users to perform and manage registration and account, including access to and use of the site, to implement and manage the company's business activities, promotional initiatives, incentive programs or marketing activities.

As stated above, the processing of your personal data may also include profile analysis activities (i.e., any form of automatic processing of personal data consisting of the use of data to evaluate certain personal aspects of individuals, in particular to analyze or predict their preferences, interests, behavior, position or movements) in order to identify types of customers of products and services, to keep the site up to date and relevant (optimization of customer experience), to develop the business and implement the marketing strategy.

DifferentDating/Friendly Locations reserves the right to share your personal information with third parties, including other group companies and third parties, partner sites or application and service providers working on behalf of the company and, more generally, with all of the company's business partners and suppliers. In the event of a sale or alienation of the business or part of it and if the personal data of the users are related to the part of the business sold or alienated, the personal data will be shared with the new owner of the business or with the acquisition partner, respectively. In case of legal obligation, the company shares the personal data of users in order to protect its customers, the site, the company itself and its rights or property.

If the user chooses to create a profile on the site, some of the profile information will be made public and may be displayed by clicking on the user name. The user has the possibility to view his profile as it is presented to the public. Infomycity requires third parties to respect the security of your personal data and to process it in accordance with the law. The company does not authorise third party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes and only allows access to such data for specified purposes and in accordance with their instructions.

The company also reserves the right to share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, Infomycity may notify advertisers of the number of visitors to the site or the most popular NightLife venues. This information does not contain any personal data.

The company reserves the right to store certain information associated with user accounts, in particular for the purpose of analysis or maintenance of the archives. The length of time such personal data is stored varies depending on the purpose for which it was collected and its use.

Personal data are kept only for the period strictly necessary for the purposes described in Section 2, "Processing of personal data" or for purposes of regulatory compliance. For marketing purposes, the expected retention period is 3 years, starting from the date of the last activity of the user. Infomycity reserves the right to retain certain personal information for longer periods even after the termination of the user account, if this is necessary to comply with legal obligations or ensure security, prevent fraud and abuse and defend or exercise their rights. If you choose to close your account, your personal data will no longer be visible to the public on the site within 14 days.

Infomycity collects information through cookies and other similar technologies (invisible pixels). Cookies are small text files that are automatically stored on your computer or mobile device whenever you visit any website. Cookies and invisible pixels are stored by your Internet browser and contain basic information about your use of the Internet. Your browser retransmits these cookies to the site each time you visit it. In this way, the computer or mobile device is recognized and the navigation experience customized and improved accordingly.

Further information on cookies and similar technologies used by Infomycity (e.g., invisible pixels) can be found in the Cookies Policy.

For more information about cookies in general, how to view cookies installed on your (mobile) device and how to manage and delete them, please visit and

Infomycity on its platforms Friendly Locations and DifferentDating uses cookies on its website for the following general purposes:

The Settings option, available on the toolbar of most browsers, includes instructions to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, to receive notifications for each new cookie you have installed, or to disable unwanted cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of many of the tools, content or features available on the site.

Web beacon

The site may also use web beacons (also known as GIFs or invisible pixels). These are tiny digital images with a unique identifier that work similarly to cookies and are stored in the code of web pages. Web beacons are used to analyze the navigation patterns of users who access a particular page from another page of the site, to provide or transmit information to cookies, but also to determine whether the user has come to the site through an online ad on a third party site and to improve the performance of the site. Infomycity also reserves the right to allow its service providers to use web beacons in order to determine which emails have been opened by recipients and to monitor users' traffic and actions on the site. This allows the company to verify more accurately the relevance of the contents and the effectiveness of the offers.

Data collected from business partners and advertising networks to provide relevant advertising

Infomycity allows third parties to collect information about your online activities through cookies and other technologies. These third parties include advertising agencies that collect information about your interests when you view or interact with ads posted on various websites, then use it to predict your behavior or preferences and to display targeted ads on third party sites. Infomycity has no control over and cannot access cookies and other technologies used by third parties to collect information about your interests. The practices relating to the processing of such information are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Some companies are part of the Network Advertising Initiative, a resource that allows users to disable the display of targeted advertisements by member companies.

You have the right to verify, supplement and update the information provided by accessing the "My details" section of your account. You also have the right to close your account on Friendly Locations and DifferentDating in the same section or by writing to

In accordance with the laws and regulations in force, the user has the right to access, rectify, cancel, limit the processing, as well as the right to portability and to oppose the processing of their personal data. He also has the right to decide on the processing of their personal data and the manner in which to exercise this right in the event of death.

Below you will find more details and information on how and when you can exercise your rights. Requests from interested parties will be answered within one month, however the company reserves the right to extend this period to two months if necessary, depending on the complexity and number of requests.

Users have the following rights with respect to their personal data:

You can exercise various rights through the "My Data" section of your account.

In order to verify the identity of the user and ascertain their right to access their personal data (or to exercise any other right), the company reserves the right to request a copy of an identity document. This is a security measure to ensure that personal data is not disclosed to persons who are not entitled to receive it.

The company may also contact you to request additional information regarding your request in order to speed up response times.

Infomycity wants users to be able to use the site with confidence. Therefore, the company is committed to protecting the information it collects. For example, data encryption technologies are used to transfer billing information between the company's systems and those of third parties with whom the information is shared. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems are also used to prevent unauthorized access to user data.

The DifferentDating/Friendly Locations site is reserved for adults and does not offer services for minors. The company does not knowingly collect data from minors. If a user under the age of 18 submits personal data to the company, the information is deleted or destroyed as soon as possible.

The site may include links to third party sites, plug-ins and applications. If you access other sites through the links provided on the DifferentDating/Friendly Locationssite, the operators of those sites may be able to collect or share information about you. This information will be treated in accordance with the privacy policies of those sites, which may differ from this Privacy Policy. DifferentDating/Friendly Locations does not control the websites of third parties, so we recommend that you read the privacy statements published on those websites in order to understand their procedures for collecting, processing and disclosing personal data.

Your personal data may be transferred to countries within the European Economic Area for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In case of transfer of personal data of users outside the European Economic Area, the company takes the following precautions to ensure adequate protection.

Personal data transfers are made:

Infomycity reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy periodically. The date of the latest revisions will be indicated on the first page of this Privacy Policy. Any revisions will take effect from the date of publication on the site.

If you have any questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data by the company, please write to The user also has the right to lodge complaints with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (the French Data Protection Authority) regarding the processing of his or her personal data. Infomycity invites, however, users to give it the opportunity to address any concerns by contacting the company before contacting the relevant authorities.

Complete contacts:

Infomycity sas, 4 Rue Des Freres Piccò c/o CB Service, 06500 Menton France, FR13752020792 Email: com